Support Services for Newborn Care and Household Management

Blessed Little Angels is committed to providing you with reliable assistance. Whether it is taking care of your children or managing your home as you work, I'm here to help!


Childcare Services

Blessed Little Angels can assist you with any basic nanny tasks such as:

  • Monitoring
  • Feeding
  • Bathing

Aside from this, I can help you get your newborn on a sleep schedule so you can rest better at night.

Household Assistance

I can help you get a few tasks off your plate by accomplishing them on your behalf. You can turn to Blessed Little Angels if you need assistance in doing grocery shopping, scheduling a repairman or doctor appointment, or interviewing a housekeeper or a landscaper.


Reach Out to Me

I am passionate about helping you provide care for your little ones while managing your home. If you have additional questions about how I can assist you, get in touch with Blessed Little Angels today.