“Latoshia is a remarkable young woman, responsible, insightful, educated, but above all, she is kind and caring, and very professional in her approach to her position as a childcare expert. I’ve been in education for 35 years, and Latoshia so impressed me that I offered to write a recommendation for her files. I would trust Latoshia with my grandchildren, and would feel privileged to secure her services."

 - Judith

“It is my pleasure to recommend Latoshia Brightwell for your thoughtful consideration as you evaluate your childcare needs. As parents, I believe our universal priorities for our children when they are in the care of others are their safety, that basic needs are addressed in a caring and nurturing way, and that the caregiver is capable, confident, and dependable. Latoshia has brought all of these qualities and much more to my household during the extended time she has cared for my daughter”

- Rhonda

“Latoshia has not only been absolutely consistent and perfectly punctual in her caregiving, she also has been incredibly flexible and helpful in dealing with unexpected events and needs in our lives. We have had a good number of occasions where events in our lives have increased or changed our needs for caregiving, and Latoshia has been there for us. In a world where it sometimes may seem that one cannot count on much these days, Levi and I know that we can count on Latoshia.”

- Jeffery

“Most importantly, Latoshia demonstrated a sincere love and affection for our son that showed from the moment she met him. Her devotion to him was clear every time she walked into our house because our son would smile immediately upon seeing her. There is no question that she loves her charges and that they love her. During the time she helped us, Latoshia became a member of our family and we sincerely wish she could have worked with us forever.”

- Jonathan 

“Very simply, Latoshia possesses all of the qualities that you would expect in a nanny or caregiver. Latoshia blended with our family right away and our daughter loves her. Her ability to not only care for your child, but care for your entire family is something that just comes with the package when you hire her. She is a great listener and always does her best to make you happy.”

 - Lauren

“Latoshia demonstrated a sense of responsibility and awareness while caring for our baby girl. She is an open-minded, flexible, and adaptable individual as well as a good communicator who regularly kept us updated regarding any developments with our daughter. Communication methods included keeping a log of events, writing notes, calling after her scheduled hours, and texting me at night if there was an update she felt I would like or needed”

- Joanna 

“Upon speaking with Latoshia, I was immediately impressed with her knowledge of the industry, her personal experience and her willingness to accommodate our needs. She was very professional, organized and walked us through all aspects of this very important decision-making process (including contracts, interviews, a very extensive background check, validating personal/professional references, etc.) Once she understood our needs, she recommended a nanny who came to our house for initial interview. Within five minutes of meeting our new caregiver, my husband and I knew this was the perfect fit (I found out later that our nanny felt the same way). Of course, we spent the rest of the meeting going through a formal interview and due diligence process, which all confirmed our initial impression. The fact that Blessed Little Angels was able to match us up so perfectly on our first attempt, speaks volumes about Latoshia’s experience in this industry as well as her unique ability to really hear her client's needs and respond accordingly.”

- Dahra 

“I highly recommend Latoshia Brightwell and her wonderful company Blessed Little Angels. Latoshia was our night nurse for three to four days a week for four weeks after our second son, Drew, was born May 2010. We originally had only signed up to have Latoshia for 3 weeks but she was so invaluable to us that we signed her up for a fourth week! Latoshia did an amazing job watching over our baby and helping him adjust to the crib and nighttime routine. She also made it easier for us to handle bedtime routines for our older son, who is three, and our newborn. Latoshia helped make our transition home with a newborn and adjustment to two children an enjoyable one.”

- Marcy

“Latoshia was with us every night for two weeks and after that we would occasionally call on her to babysit on a night where we needed an overnight babysitter. She always arrived on time and was such a friendly face to see every evening. She is very professional and was always there to give encouragement and support during those long nights of breastfeeding. She helped with bathing, keeping a record of nighttime feedings and diaper changes, swaddling, etc. Latoshia would bring the baby to me in the bed while I breastfed the baby and then would come back to take her when it was time to help her back down. My daughter loved when Latoshia swaddled her at night! My husband and I tried so many times to get her swaddled as she did but only Latoshia had the magic swaddle technique down!”

- Nancy

“Latoshia was always very dependable, rarely late, and we felt as though our children were always safe and happy with her. Her responsibilities included dressing/feeding the boys in the morning, getting them to and from school on time, feeding them lunch, and getting them to any planned activities. Latoshia was also very good about helping them learn to socialize by setting up ‘play dates’ with other nannies and children in the area. She also enjoyed taking them to the zoo, aquarium, museums, parks, etc. Aside form childcare, Latoshia was also willing to do the kids’ laundry, do light housekeeping, do grocery shopping, and cook dinner for our family a couple times per week.”

- Harris and Kristin 

“Of Latoshia’s strengths-and there are many-her greatest is her flexibility. My husband and I have very hectic schedules and she always tries to work with us. She devotes her full attention to both of our girls and gives each what she individually needs. She truly treats them as if they were her own and shares such a special bond with each of them individually.”

- Jamie

“It is a great pleasure to recommend Latoshia Brightwell for a night nurse/babysitting/nanny position. Latoshia was my son’s night nurse from 4 weeks to 10 weeks. I have employed several night nurses before and was extremely blessed to find Latoshia (and am sad I didn’t meet her sooner!) Latoshia, from day one, made me feel at ease. Our son was colicky and would not lay down for more than 20 minutes. Our first night with Latoshia, our son was up all night. When I greeted her the next morning she went on and on about how she loved spending time with our son and how cute he was. It made me feel so good. Latoshia was a godsend helping us get him on a schedule. This is our second son and she had him sleeping thru the night by 8 weeks!”

- Gaylie

“I was impressed by Latoshia from the very first time I spoke with her over the phone. Her professionalism shines through in everything she does. She is also highly proactive when at your house, taking the initiative to leave things to better shape than she found them, which often meant washing bottles, restocking diapers and wipes, and folding baby laundry. Furthermore, she is a great communicator, which is so important when it comes to caring for your baby. She takes detailed notes each night, and also shares updates via text or phone call. She is knowledgeable, but also open to guidance and willing to do whatever you think is best for your baby. What’s more, she develops a true interest in your baby. Though she was only with us for a short period of time because our baby started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old, we developed a close relationship and will stay in touch long after her time with us is over.”

- Elizabeth 

“Trustworthiness, reliability, dependability, honesty, kindness, caring, sincerity, and excellent judgment are the words and phrases that describe Latoshia in her giving of care to my son, Levi. Latoshia has provided the highest quality of consistently outstanding care to Levi; I could not ask for more”

- Jeffery

"It has been my pleasure to know Latoshia Brightwell over these past 2 years. I observed as she has cared for my neighbor's young twin girls. Latoshia is enthusiastic, caring, and competent. Her background in early child development is evident in everything she does. She is conscientious and personable."

- Hallie

"I highly recommend Latoshia Brightwell as a Infant Care Specialist. Our daughter Caroline (our first and only child later in life) arrived three weeks early via C-section, and although Latoshia was already booked on another job, she quickly made arrangements to be with us our first night home from the hospital. She also made herself available for us several other nights and days until she could be with us full time. I honestly do not know what we would have done without her, as I could barely move after my surgery and my husband needed help."

- Katie

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